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How long does the carpet cleaning process take?

We are able to clean approximately 30 square metres per hour. This can vary slightly depending upon the amount of soil, how much furniture needs to be moved, specialty spotting procedures and setup time.

How soon before can I walk on the carpet?

Try to keep pets, children, and heavy traffic off the carpet for 8-10 hours. Please leave 24 hours before removing polystyrene blocks or protective tabs that our technicians have placed under the furniture to protect the carpet.

Do you move the furniture?

All of our cleaning packages include moving the majority of furniture in the area to be cleaned. (Most companies will charge you extra for this service). Heavier pieces are left in place under these pricing structures. For liability reasons, we do not move china, entertainment systems, pianos, or other valuable belongings.

What about re-occurring spots?

If a spot returns a day or so after cleaning, it may have been particularly oily or sticky, or even a permanent stain. If a spot returns, we will come back to give it another treatment – free of charge.

Can you fix indentations from heavy furniture?

No guarantee can be made on removing indentations from heavy furniture. In addition to the pile of the carpet being crushed, the backing of the carpet is indented. Heat, moisture, and hand grooming with our equipment may help, but it will take time to release back to normal, if at all. Severe cases may be permanent.

How often should a carpet be cleaned?

The frequency of cleaning will vary from one household to another depending upon the number of occupants and level of usage. At a minimum, you should clean once a year.

Why should I clean my carpet?

Bio contaminants, volatile organic compounds, combustion products, asbestos, dust mites, chemical contamination, outdoor pollutants, pesticides, allergens, grease and oil deposits, sand, soil, food particles, bacteria, and a host of other nasties make their way into your carpet. This is the key reason as to why people have their carpets cleaned.

Why should I have my carpets stain protected?

When this protective coating is applied to the carpet, it puts a protective barrier around each fibre to resist moisture. When a spill occurs, it gives you a window of time to clean it up before it becomes a stain. Having this protective coating on your carpet also helps reduce the wear and abrasion and protects the carpet from excessive matting which in turn, will cause your carpet to perform better.

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